Friday, 10 October 2008

Genova Work Shop

Today geophysical survey takes us to the remote and logistically challenging Antarctic interior thus international collaborations are pivotal in order to deliver world class science.

The other week saw me attend a work shop in Genova on Geological and Geophysical investigations from the Transantarctic Mountains to Dome C;

this was a follow up meeting resulting from the ISODYN WISE season of 2005/06 (AKA "The Italian Job"). This was the largest ever airborne survey conducted by BAS and was only possible by the collaboration of PNRA with BAS, where PNRA provided the logistics and BAS the survey platform. The DOME A seasons success is anticipated to be heavily relient on the collaborations of many countries - these include Austraila, China, Germany, Japan, UK and USA, so all in all a major under taking! This is the future of all large airborne surveys in Antarctica with not one country been able to fund, meet the time frame, provide the logistics or expertise.

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