Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Final words on AGAP

With our survey plane now safely back in Calgary, and having had the initial workshop to present the initial findings now is a good time to close this blog with a final summary.

After AGAP-N was closed we moved to the American run camp of AGAP-South to conduct a few survey flights from there before flying back to McMurdo and packing up all the equipment. These were busy times as all the spares and aircraft survey equipment had to be carefully packed for the long journey home (McMurdo to Port Hueneme in California and then onward shipping to BAS in Cambridge.
AGAP South January 2009

After final packing we departed Antarctica on route for the UK, leaving nothing behind other than GPS coordinate in the case of AGAP-North and a field camp at AGAP-South which will be used for future seasons. In total the BAS and the USAP Twin Otters flew more than twice arround the world to complete the survey work.